Facebook-Den här dagen, på gott och ont.

Det är alltid enormt blandade känslor- vemod, sorg, glädje,stolthet-varje gång jag får upp bilder i fb-flödet från den tid i livet när jag hade 4-5 olika design uppdrag. Tiden innan allt man visste om sin familj ändrades fundamentalt.

Speciellt dagarna runt 1 september är värst. Idag är det datumet inte lika jobbigt som för några år sedan. Då var allt ett enda stort sår. Då packade jag ned alla scrapbooking bilder i stora kartonger och bar ut i förrådet. Totalt knäckt.

Jag har inte öppnat kartongerna sedan dess. Så långt har jag inte kommit än.

Vemod och sorg över att man missunnades att få vara kreativ och att det utnyttjades till att allt negativt som hände var min kreativitets fel. Så det enda i livet jag gjorde för min alldeles egna glädjes skull dödades totalt. Jag fick inte vara bättre eller framgångsrikare på något. Det skylldes på att det var  kreativitetens fel att livet som jag kände det tog slut. Idag har jag valt att tänka att det var bara skitsnack.

Jag är glad och stolt över att veta att även om dessa minnen gör ont så finns det fina i livet sparat och dokumenterat både för egen och mina barns skull.

Idag dök den här bilden upp i flödet från Best Creations när de informerade om sitt nya designteam år 2010. Tänk så fort tiden går. Tycker det inte alls var länge sedan.

Så liten hon var, och så mycket som hänt sedan dess. Man glömmer fort hur små barnen varit.


When life changes-you change with it

It feels weird. Weird to do a LO again. I haven’t scrapped in two years, TWO YEARS! I don’t even know if there is any subscribers of my blog left.

Four years ago I created something on a daily basis. I was a Design team member in several wonderful teams,  I loved to be creative. Now I don’t even make birthday cards anymore. Life changed over night with a textmessage. Life as I knew it changed forever. And all the joy to create died. It’s time to change that.

Well, yesterday I sat down… pulled out some baskets with old papers and embellishments, and it ended up as a LO about my favourite fur-baby ❤️

Bonus is the latest member of my family. A really friendly and happy Welsh Springer Spaniel that found a replacement home with me and my kids.

 I dreamt about having a dog again, someone to take walks with, and could make me feel less alone when the kids where at their fathers house. And me and Bonus found eachother on Facebook.

He came for a visit, decided that he wanted to call me and my family his flock 5 months ago, and I can’t imagine my life without him. He is the love of my life. He is genuine and loving, and he is just amazing. I thank my lucky star every night that this furry goofball ended up with me and my kids. 


You might as well dance


Time….. sometimes you just have to give yourself time. Time to relax, time to heal, and time to do what you love. 

I love to create, I love my camera…. And I finally love my life. 

I have changed a lot these past 15months. I have turned my entire life around… And I’m really proud of my personal journey. It wasn’t easy to pick up the pieces of my broken heart and start over. But I did it!

  Today I’m grateful for the crash and burn… Rise from the ashes part… Even though it was far from pleasant, It made me to who I am today. The experience gave me a lot of new friends, closer friendships with old ones and lots of beautiful memories. 

These wonderful friends have teached me to dance with my heart again.  ❤️

; One year later…..

There are times when all you want to do is just curl up in bed and just evaporate from the face of the earth.

A year ago that´s what i did… I thought I died… I just wanted to vanish from the earths surface and not come back. EVER!

I hid from the public, not wanted to do anything of those things that have made me really happy my entire life. I didn´t want to create. I hid all my art stuff.. sold most of it or just tucked it in to a box in the closet. I was not in the mood to be an artist anymore. My love for creating sort of died. I focused on being a present mother and teacher… but no, not an artist.

But the other day something happened….

I have the most fantastic friends… I love them to pieces… They never let me back down or hide. They dare to speak the truth,even when it hurts like hell… and one of my friends said:

– Why are you doing this? Why are you killing yourself, giving up what you love the most? you are not YOU without the paint and camera…

I didn´t have a good enough answer, and that bugged me.

I went home…. thought about it… I really thought about it…

And it nagged me, it bothered me to hell that she put the nail spot on…

I didn´t want to.. didn´t want to be an artist anymore…. or was she right??

When I sat there alone in my apartment… It started to itch…you know,, that creative itch.. I didn´t get it out of my system.

And I started a treasure hunt… finding my paints, papers, trimmer, and I even printed photos (No my camera is still in the bag, but I have a few in my phone)

And you know what?!

I sat there… singing out loud… and I bet my neighbor wondered what was wrong with me at 2 am in the morning… But I had so much fun.  And my friend… She was right,,, as usual. This is what I love!

I looked back at the past year… and I wouldn´t change anything… not a bit. I have the most fantastic friends… and I have a life that I actually like, no I love my life. So.. I hope that this creative itch is staying a while now.

ettarsenare ettarsenareCU

The Twinery-Ruby Rock-it bloghop


The Awesome teams of Ruby Rock-it! and The Twinery have gone together and their teams are now giving you an awesome bloghop.

If you have not checked it out….    Ruby Rock-It – <——–The hop starts here today!!

and if you have hopped your way here… you hopefully got here through Pattie Beltrans blog.

Katarina Damm-Blomberg   <——- This is me!

Today I´m sharing a LO and a card using fabulous twine… and the gorgeous papers and embellishments from Ruby Rock-it!


materials used:

Ruby Rock it: Heritage-Wood vener HEE11, Heritage Cut-ups HE05, Heritage Damask HE51, Heritage Cardstock stickers HEE04,

  The Twinery. Pink sorbet stripe


Materials used:

Ruby Rock it-  Heritage stripe HE68, Heritage Cardstock sticker HEE04

The Twinery: Solid Peapod

I hope that you have had a great hop so far, and hop along to Jeanne Jachna .

Blog-Hop Prizes:

The Twinery will be giving away THREE FULL SPOOLS of twine (winner’s choice!) ($45 retail value).

Ruby Rock-It will be giving away the Essence Empire Bebe collection (Album not included).

Hoppers can visit the Twinery blog and the Ruby Rock-It blog to ​find out how to enter to win.

Have a wonderful day!!




The Twinery-Serendipity blog hop


Sorry for the delay.. there have been a glitch in publishing…

Hi everyone!

Today the Twinery have teamed up with the awesome and generous company Serendipity stamps for a blog-hop.

This time I´m sharing a cute card using the serendipity stamp-daisy basket small, and the sterendipity dies-thanks and the Twinery Twine- Stone

serendipity-Katarina TT+Sampler+Cards+SOLID

The bloghop starts at The twinery.. and I hope that you will have loads of fun!!

Here’s how you can enter to win the twine:
Leave a comment on each participating designer’s blog on the hop (and here on our blog, too!). This is a 3-day hop, so be sure to check back and comment each day.
Please be sure to leave your e-mail address along with your comments so we can have a way to contact you if you win.
For additional chances to win:
– Follow our blog. You can enter your e-mail to subscribe under the “Follow By Email!” heading in the blog sidebar.
– “Like” The Twinery on Facebook and leave a comment on our page letting us know you came from the blog hop.
The deadline to leave comments for the giveaway is at 11:59pm (EST) on Friday, August 1st. Check back here on Sunday, August 3rd to see if you’ve won!
Serendipity Stamps is giving away $25 gift certificate to their shop – you can find the details of how to enter to win on their blog.

The Hop order…

The Twinery – http://thetwinery.com/blog

Serendipity Stamps – http://serendipitystamps.com/blog

Julie Ranae – http://juliesopenwindow.blogspot.com/

Monika Wright – http://www.iloveitallwithmonikawright.com/

Jenny Gropp – http://onekraftykat.blogspot.com/search/label/Serendipity%20Stamps

Marybeth Lopez – http://marybethstimeforpaper.blogspot.com/search/label/Serendipity%20Stamps

Christine Meyer – http://scrappingwithchristine.blogspot.com/

Miriam Napier – http://miriamsdelirium.blogspot.com/search/label/Serendipity%20Stamps

Katarina Damm-Blomberg – https://krumeluran.wordpress.com/ <— Thats me 🙂

Pauline Pollington – http://pauline-littlemrsp.blogspot.fr/search/label/Serendipity%20stamps

Anita Mulcahey – http://happypapercrafthappenings.blogspot.com/

Rebecca Greco – http://hugsarefun.com/

The Twinery and Poppystamp Bloghop





Hi !
If you have taken you all the way through the hop.. you have entered my blog from Jennifer, if you have not, and you want to participate in the bloghop  The start is at The Twinery blog.

I hope that you have had a wonderful hop with loads of inspiration.

Today I´m sharing this card, with you,,, using Solid Pink Sorbet Twine from the Twinery, and 217 Lavier buckle- Digital cut-file from Poppystamps.




 Hop order june 24th:

The Twinery – http://thetwinery.com/blog

Poppystamps – http://poppystamps.typepad. com/

Jaclyn Miller – http://designsbyjax.blogspot. com/

Chunyuan Wu – http://dahliamemories. blogspot.com/search/label/ PoppyStamp      

Jamie Cripps – http://jamielanedesigns. blogspot.com/

Kimberly Coleman – http://bastelnindieberge. blogspot.com/search/label/ Poppystamps              

Stacey Schafer – http://stampinwithstacey. blogspot.com/

Jean Manis – http://jeanmanis.com/category/ poppystamps/     

Melyssa Connolly – http://www.fantastink. blogspot.com/

Suzanna Lee – http://www.lifestrivialities. typepad.com/

Diane Barney – http://charmingly-creative. blogspot.com/search/label/ Poppystamps         

Jennifer Cuthbertson – http://www.jencuthbertson. blogspot.com/

Katarina Damm – http://krumeluran.wordpress. com/   <—-Thats me!!!



The prizes are awesome! Don´t miss out on them 🙂

Fler kort!

Jag har verkligen haft skoj när jag skapat kort åt GeFoto inför helgens stora bröllops och kalasmässa i Mariehamn.

Den här gången visar jag kort skapade med papper från reprint, och stämplar från Reprint och Skapa. Allt material finns att köpa hos GeFoto, och vill man titta och klämma på korten finns de redan till beskådan i deras butik.


kort1 kort2