One Little Word

I keep working with my One Little Word project, and today I´m sharing with you a fun thing I created this afternoon.

My friend and former DT colleague Maya showed me a fun card she had made using a zentangle technique. and I loved it, and wanted to try it right away.

I searched Pinterest for some fun ideas, and I got to it…

first I created a small journalingcard.


Rather quick I realized that this was more than just fun.. it was perfect for my One little word album. So I started to create some more… and as you can see, I had an awesome time, getting in to a groove with pencils, ink and aquarelles.
IMG_4235 IMG_4239



I will for sure do this some more.. It was a great way to get some creativity going.. and not only I did some zentangles…. my daughter caught the bug too..


really easy to get beautiful results even if you are 8yrs old or 18 hrm….. 30+ *lol*

materials used:
Pencils- Macron Sakura 08, Martha Stewart .1, and .7

Aquarelle pencils- Faber Castell

Aquarellpaper- Canson

One Little Word

One little word can change everything.. a harsh word can give long going consequences, just as positive words can create miracles.

Ali Edwards is having this one year thing called One Little Word.

What do you do with this one little word?

You live with it. You invite it into you life. You let it speak to you. You might even follow where it leads. After some thought I have decided to let the word balance be a part of my life during 2014.



This is a word that comes to my mind lately, to find harmony and balance in my life. Not letting negative energy take over, but without negative there will be no positive. So there need to be room for both.

Right now I need to focus on balancing out the negative that has been a huge part of my life this last six months. Loads of negative energy has been poured at me. I need to get a positive vibe again. Let my creativity run wild, make harmony at home, and be a positive person. But it will take loads of work to cleanse the soul from the negative that have taken over, to reprogram my mind to feel happy and relaxed again. But I am determined that I will succeed.

“Balance is nothing you find, it´s something you create.”