This last month have been awful, and all I have done is surviving, and trying to keep sane. In between the chaos of being in the middle of a divorce with all the emotional rollercoaster that comes with it…. (Being everything from a mad flying monkey to crying curled up in bed) I  actually have been doing some creative work.. even if its been more than hard to bring out the papers and scissors, I have been forcing myself to do some therapeutic work… like this LO for Gauche Alchemy…..






And this LO for the Studio Challenges….



And this creative piece I made for the Scraplagret blog…..


I´m so thrilled to finally be able to tell

I got such a sweet message a couple of weeks ago on FB, asking me to join an awesome talented crowd of gals creating their mixed-media hearts out.


It will take some time before I will officially contribute to the Gauche Alchemy teamblog, but I for sure look forward to my first work….

Have you seen their stuff?? If not… well check it out  —>what are you waiting for??<——- 

See? I told you.. lovely vintange stuff, loads of mixed media junk,,,  🙂