When life changes-you change with it

It feels weird. Weird to do a LO again. I haven’t scrapped in two years, TWO YEARS! I don’t even know if there is any subscribers of my blog left.

Four years ago I created something on a daily basis. I was a Design team member in several wonderful teams,  I loved to be creative. Now I don’t even make birthday cards anymore. Life changed over night with a textmessage. Life as I knew it changed forever. And all the joy to create died. It’s time to change that.

Well, yesterday I sat down… pulled out some baskets with old papers and embellishments, and it ended up as a LO about my favourite fur-baby ❤️

Bonus is the latest member of my family. A really friendly and happy Welsh Springer Spaniel that found a replacement home with me and my kids.

 I dreamt about having a dog again, someone to take walks with, and could make me feel less alone when the kids where at their fathers house. And me and Bonus found eachother on Facebook.

He came for a visit, decided that he wanted to call me and my family his flock 5 months ago, and I can’t imagine my life without him. He is the love of my life. He is genuine and loving, and he is just amazing. I thank my lucky star every night that this furry goofball ended up with me and my kids. 


2 thoughts on “When life changes-you change with it

  1. Love the layout and the pup!! Nothing like puppy love. I have kitty love. My life too changed with a text message. I feel your pain. Takes the wind out of your sails but eventually you start feeling a little breeze…hope. Bless your heart and keep creating. It’s very healing.


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