; One year later…..

There are times when all you want to do is just curl up in bed and just evaporate from the face of the earth.

A year ago that´s what i did… I thought I died… I just wanted to vanish from the earths surface and not come back. EVER!

I hid from the public, not wanted to do anything of those things that have made me really happy my entire life. I didn´t want to create. I hid all my art stuff.. sold most of it or just tucked it in to a box in the closet. I was not in the mood to be an artist anymore. My love for creating sort of died. I focused on being a present mother and teacher… but no, not an artist.

But the other day something happened….

I have the most fantastic friends… I love them to pieces… They never let me back down or hide. They dare to speak the truth,even when it hurts like hell… and one of my friends said:

– Why are you doing this? Why are you killing yourself, giving up what you love the most? you are not YOU without the paint and camera…

I didn´t have a good enough answer, and that bugged me.

I went home…. thought about it… I really thought about it…

And it nagged me, it bothered me to hell that she put the nail spot on…

I didn´t want to.. didn´t want to be an artist anymore…. or was she right??

When I sat there alone in my apartment… It started to itch…you know,, that creative itch.. I didn´t get it out of my system.

And I started a treasure hunt… finding my paints, papers, trimmer, and I even printed photos (No my camera is still in the bag, but I have a few in my phone)

And you know what?!

I sat there… singing out loud… and I bet my neighbor wondered what was wrong with me at 2 am in the morning… But I had so much fun.  And my friend… She was right,,, as usual. This is what I love!

I looked back at the past year… and I wouldn´t change anything… not a bit. I have the most fantastic friends… and I have a life that I actually like, no I love my life. So.. I hope that this creative itch is staying a while now.

ettarsenare ettarsenareCU

5 thoughts on “; One year later…..

  1. YES!!!! YES YES YES YES!!!! You have a VERY good friend. You are a creative soul and it was clear that art was your passion while you were a part of Gauche Alchemy. I am so glad you picking up your paint brush, the trimmer, and the mojo. The camera will come in time but you are on the road to recovering…..recovering yourself. You are loved all…..all around the world. ❤


  2. Härligt att höra att du är tillbaks! 🙂 Det ska bli spännande att se din fortsatta kreativa resa, kanske ändras den nu när du varit med om så mycket och så livsomvälvande händelser? Massor av kramar! 🙂 ❤


  3. Välkommen tillbaka! 😀
    Förstår definitivt din känsla att bara behöva gräva ner sig, tur att du har vänner som kunde dra upp dig. Skönt att hitta tillbaka till kreativiteten. Ta det lugnt och njut och andas.


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