Stats are interesting

Do you follow up on stats?  For me much of my work end up in stats… I´m a teacher, and test-scores, grades and so on is filed under a huge pile of statistics… and just a couple of days ago the Pisa Program for International Student Assessment was released about students taking the tests last year… not my students at this point… but since I´m an early grade teacher.. it´s also my work that is studied… how did I do creating a good base of knowledge to these kids… and well we can all learn something about it.

but there is also other stats…. like the one keeping track of my own blog…

Did you know that these pictures was the ones most clicked on last week…

Katarina Damm-Blomberg christmascard made 2012

angel-Katarina-Damm-Blombergmade 2011

misted handbag Katarina Damm Blomberg made 2011

cute-as-a-button-BAP Katarina-damm-blomberg made 2012

June-Rocking-butterfly--Katarina-Damm-Blombergmade 2011

talented-and-sweet-Katarina-Damm-Blombergmade 2011

now lets compare it with LO´s made this week…



LOL…. it feels like I´m staying true to my style.. with a few modifications… what do you say??




One thought on “Stats are interesting

  1. Hi!

    Fun way of creating a blog post! Fun to see the comparison between then and now! 🙂
    No wonder those were some of your most clicks, cause they are really BEAUTIFUL projects!!!! 😀 LOVE the canvas bag you have decorated! 😀

    And yes, you are true to your style, though with some developing touches! 🙂
    Still very beautiful! 😀 And your use of colors are amazing! 😀



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