CHA Favourites part 3

Some Manufacturers have bits and pieces that I love… like Crate this year, love their DIY paperline,  and I will probably get the 6″ pad, love the patterns.



Another Manufacturer I love is the Lily Bee…

and I need to get this paper from the Destination collection…. And I have marked the reason why 🙂


You see that red dot….?  that’s where on the map I live 🙂 and who don’t love to have a patterned paper with their little island in the world marked out 🙂

But the collection I need to get is the Pinwheel collection..



I love the colors and patterns in this collection, its so bright and fun!


Another colorful manufacturer that I have found some fun stuff I probably will be needing in the future is Heidi Swapp…

like these folders,,, nice!

and die cut shapes..  lovely!


Well this spring will be a colorful one according to all the bright patterns I have fallen in love with lately 🙂




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