Cleaning cleaning……

Not my favourite type of homework, but it needs to be done, and I hate it everytime.

For several weeks now my intention has been to clean up my Craft-room, to get some space, and to get rid of lots of stuff piled up from all the little helpers in our family.. and from myself..

Anyone recognize this scenario?
Me: Time to clean up, we need to help eachother out… you need to get this cleaning going…

Kids: Mom where should this be? (ending up with things in my hands that I on my way to cleaning heaven dont reflect over and puts it where its out of the way…. yeah! In my craftroom)

Hubby: Can you take this.. It cant be in my office, its not mine… (Yes you guessed right it ended up in my craft-room too.)

So here I am now, with a messed up craftroom.. not even close enough clean kitchen due to all the failures of getting the family to help out… and All I have to do now is to start all over AGAIN!

Well.. Im halfway through the craft-room.. Ive got a clean desk..


and I just wanted to share…. look at my desktop carousel from Making memories,

isn´t it a beauty? Hubbys father was kind enough to actually repaint it for me, at the same time he painted my yardsale find davenport, its such a cute little desk, and with some paint on it it turned out so cute…

Isn´t this a cutie? let me tell you… I´m glad I have those crafty men in my life like hubby, hybbys father and so on… because.. I´m not that good at painting furniture and setting up wallpapers… but I have Ideas how I want it to be…. *lol*


One thought on “Cleaning cleaning……

  1. Wow, såå söta möbler! Tänk att få ha ett eget pysselrum med fina bord & lådor…Drömmen! 🙂 Och JA, arbetsledare är man född till…inte lika bra på att få saker gjorda själv dock 😀


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