An interesting day…

Today has been the mental meltdown day in my house… and I made the black belt in Meltdowns….

Well let me put it like this…. I expect flowers chocolate a good wine and a beautiful neclace and a candle light dinner tomorrow….  No I dont expect this after every nuclear meltdown in this household… just tomorrow…

Why? Bec me and my husband Celebrate 11 yrs as married tomorrow.. and 15 as a couple….

well… to get back on track.. after the meltdown I thought of a saying I read somewhere on the web a couple of days ago… “If you are feeling blue.. try paint yourself in another color”

Love paint… a colleague of mine suggested bodypaint… naaah not my style… (getting on the wrong track again)…
Well.. I started painting.. and let me tell you that kind of painting was some time since the last time… I actually painted stamped Images.
There was a Time when I did it all the time… Thats how I ended up with scrapbooking. it feels like about a million years ago.. but I actually started my DT career as an International Designer for the Magnolia Rubberstamps.
bla bla bla.. Will she ever get to the point??……
Well I took out some colourpencils and started painting.. and I actually taped the entire process… and YES!!! I did a Video Tutorial about it..
The thought was to make something for my digital training programme we are having at work.. but as with alot today.. I sort of sidestepped myself and ended up with something else than I had in mind when I started…
you want to check it out?
sorry about the audio.. Im not that great at talking in my videos yet….

Ive used the Carta Bella from The Aug kit from My scrapbook Nook for the card shown at the end of the video…


4 thoughts on “An interesting day…

  1. tack raring! Tålamod vet jag väl inte.. snarare åt andra hållet… tålamod är inte min starka sida alls….


  2. Jättefin video! Du är jätteduktig både på att måla, förklara & berätta! 🙂
    De där fina figurerna som du brukar ha på diverse målningar är alltså stämplar, ahaaa, då fattar jag! De har jag alltid tyckt att är så fina och varit avundsjuk på..;) Jag kan tänka mig att det är jätteroligt och att det är skön terapi att sitta och måla dessa fina bilder- ser roligt ut! 🙂 (och väldigt enkelt när du gör det, hehe:P)


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