my scrapspace have evolved…

You know.. somethimes it feels like your hobby is taking over..and for me it feels like my scrapspace is out of control.. and let me tell you.. I found an old pic in my database of my old scrapspace….. and this is my old scrapspace dated 2008 and it looked like this…

see… one Cropperhopper for 12″ papers in the shelf.. some boxes to keep everything stored good.. and some shelves for all of that I want to have within reach…… and today I cant fit it in to one photo anymore.…..

the paperstorage has evolved from one Cropper Hopper and they are now 11, my scrapshelves are an entire Ikea expedit 5*5 shelf. And its not nearly enough…

I will try to tidy my place up enough to give you a tour.. but right now there is working progress. so all my stuff are on the floor… and I really need to sort through my stuff and get rid of some… its taking over.. its like The Blob… GAAAAAAHHH! *lol*





One thought on “my scrapspace have evolved…

  1. Yeap ! It’s incredible how our scrappy stuff need place !!
    First i just needed one little table, and then, I quite finished the Work on my with a 3 meter long table !

    Wainting for seeing your new scrappy place !


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