Lets Rock some Socks!!

OK I have to admit.. I have working my huge butt of to get the Spellbinder Designteam submissions just as awesome as I am 😉  but it didn´t  take me all the way this year eighter… dont rub it in please…. well better luck next time right?? 3 is a charm I´ve heard..

Well…I wanted to show you what I did for the call 🙂


round 1:


 I made my interpretation of the godess Nike… or well more like a fallen angel  according to the outcome 😉

well thats all folks…

Now Im off to make some new awesome projects and wow new teams…



8 thoughts on “Lets Rock some Socks!!

  1. Hei!
    Første gang jeg er innom bloggen din, etter jeg fant deg på YouTube på jakt etter pan pastel-inspirasjon. Skjønner at du er svensk? Så jeg drister meg til å skrive kommentar på norsk… 🙂

    Utrolig kreativ du er! 🙂 Kjempenydelige prosjekter du lager!
    Så neste gang får du det til! *klem*


  2. Sorry! I didn’t get past round two either…a little bummed, but very happy and excited for those who did make it.

    I adore your projects, they are super and so very creative!


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