Im sorry for my lack of updates…

I have been working like mad all December, and finally Im catching up on things like being a good mother and wife, cleaning, building doll houses and so on..

Im also finishing up a class Im taking at the university in photography and communication.. and since Ive procrastinated for two years Im now studying like mad…due date in two weeks.. YIKES!!

well Ive sent in all assignments.. and now Im waiting to know if I need to make additional notes or If I made my exam.. so up until today I have been sitting with my nose in big books about photography.. and trying to make reviews about other photographers work, and trying to make my own pics too… and let me tell you… the pictures of my own part is making me throw hizzy fits.. Im not good at taking pics that needs to be evaluated by a teacher… but at the same time its good to take the challenge.. right??


well let me show you some of the pics Ive taken so far 🙂



Now Im off working with my classes again.. aaaand Ive got my Nook Jan kit, so I need to get my workflow going…


See ya!


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