.:Nook Card Shark Challenge:.

Are you up for some fun??


ok- this is an elimination style contest.

we will play for points for the first 6 challenges- the 50% of people with the most points will move on to the second part of the game.

each big challenge (2 per week) will earn 5 pts- with 3 special mentions earning an extra 5 pts. DT will choose the special mentions

there will also be a bonus challenge (1 per week-short deadline) where the first person to complete the challenge gets 2 pts, and three people will be randomly drawn from participants to receive 2 pts.

beware- there may be occasional pop up “quizzes” “quick challenges” and “luck of the draw” opportunities to snag an extra 1 pt- at least 10 random points will be given out.  these may pop up in the forum, in the gallery or at the blog (YES!  I said BLOG!)

once the first half are eliminated, we will move on to a voting style competition with 25% of the participants being eliminated each week.  there will still be two required challenges per week- and a bonus.  the bonus will give immunity from elimination to whoever won that round, as well as bring back one previously eliminated player- so if you are kicked out in the first half or at any point, play along on the bonuses- at least one bonus winner will go to the final round!  I know, cool, isn’t it?  I’m excited!

in the end- we will take our top 3 people and do one last card with a public vote- and the winner takes all!

the prize is a $100+ package of scrappy goodness, courtesy of the nook and my minds eye!

are you ready?  only two days left to get in your first assignment and then the fun begins!

Good Luck ladies!!


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