Do You Like Pina Coladas? Getting Caught In The Rain? No?

How about Card Kits, more specifically?

Have  WE got a TREAT for YOU!

DSC_0170 by everydaylou, on Flickr

Danni and Leah have cooked up a very special, VERY limited card kit and class! It is finally time to share!!! Wahooo!!! Shout  it from the rooftops!

DSC_0176 by everydaylou, on Flickr

Ok- so what’s in this thing, anyway?

DSC_0181 by everydaylou,  on Flickr

Well- MME, of course. Lost & Found 2 papers from the Breeze and Rosy lines- they are TOO pretty! And they are the best of boys and girls.
Each kit has TWO 6×6 paper pads with 2 of each design from the lines, plus bonus designs not featured in 12×12!

DSC_0175 by everydaylou, on Flickr

Then we had to add embellishments. . .Danni said you all just had to have Maya Road kraft envelopes, and Leah had to agree. She said that if you
needed envelopes, then of course you needed pins. And no kit would be complete without trim- two yards of beautiful crocheted trim. . .because Leah didn´t
think one yard was enough.

DSC_0172 by everydaylou, on Flickr

DSC_0187 by everydaylou, on Flickr

I can’t live without brads, the cuter, the better so brads were
added and then that sweet little butterfly on the buttons just refused to be
left out- so they added those in as well!

DSC_0177 by everydaylou, on Flickr

Then the pearls got in on the action and said if the brads and buttons got to be in the kit then it only stands to reason something as subtly beautiful as a pearl should be added, so it jumped into the bag as well!

DSC_0185 by everydaylou, on Flickr

All this, just because we wanted to try out a new card class!

Once we added all that up we said- what the heck, since it is our FIRST  major card class-lets just throw in all the learning, card templates and
instruction. . .FREE. That’s right, we’re feeling you out on the card classes  (because, yes, we do have more coming in the future), so you get to enjoy this
one w/o any added fees.

DSC_0179 by everydaylou,
on Flickr

Then because THAT WASN’T ENOUGH!!!! Pam went just a little berserk. You see, all this beautiful, beautiful My Mind’s Eye arrived on her
door step and her brain exploded with ideas! She started running around the workshop, grabbing buttons here and trims from there and tiny wooden spools and heart pins and pewter pins and ruffles. . .and then, when no one was looking. .
.SHE ADDED THEM ALL INTO THE KIT!!!!! She didn’t even ask permission! She just did it !!

DSC_0166 by everydaylou,
on Flickr

So- are you interested? Do you think you might want a gorgeous card kit and gorgeous card lessons from the über talented Danni Reid and
Leah Killian? This kit and class is valued at well over $60. No joke!!
You see this class and class kit are yours for an insanely low price. Really insane.  $34.95!!!

And it will be up for ordering TODAY!!! Really soon! NOW! It’s up NOW!!! I’m SO EXCITED!!!

See your friendly, neighborhood add on section for a card class kit  here
The  class will go live on Oct 15th and be available to work at your own pace for one month 🙂


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