Im now on Pinterest…

Have you checked it out?? I have tried to stay away for such a long time.. but now I couldnt resist the urge to check it out.. and I LOVE IT!  I have found such cute Ideas for a home makeover….. like this one:

Wouldnt this be perfect as a beautiful setting in your home??


or this one:

I shure need to get me nice baskets and do this thing.. one for each family-member to put all those little things you find around the house in.


And this one I might do….

A side from a crib gets a new life as storageholder… love the Idea.. and I can totally see our old crib getting a new colour and a new life like this 🙂 some Ikea storage on it and Im set to go 🙂


One thought on “Im now on Pinterest…

  1. Love Pinterest too! going to try and find you!!
    (btw I’m missing on your EC blog roll ??? but I realize I haven’t adjust mine to the new team either …. going to do that asap!).


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