UDD blogday

Yesterday was my blogday over at the UDD blog.. and I showed this LO:

I had so much fun making this LO, and let me tell you.. I actually made a video showing the way I worked my way through this one…

wanna check it out??

I actually got inspired by my sweet friend Mahlin on this one… she really got me all jammed up for this gesso/misting thing… and its so much fun!

Thanks for looking 🙂


7 thoughts on “UDD blogday

    • I seriously love the video!!! So amazing to see you start and finish a layout. I learned so much! Thanks for sharing the video in creating that marvelous layout


      • Oh I’m loving all these videos. Cant’ get enough. Thanks to you I’m going to give it a go. LOVE all your layouts. Boy have you got talent!


  1. Underbar layout! Tack för du delar med dig av ditt skapande i en video, fler sådana. 😉
    Jag undrar om några stämplar som du använde: ringstämplen uppe i högra delen och splashstämplen under rubriken: var kommer dessa i från?



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