.: Drumroll please……:.

The finalist list is up on the Nook messageboard !

wohooooo….. Congrats to all the awesome ladies!!
give a big round of applaudes to the top 40:

Sandy Ang
Helga Vergara
Wendy Antenucci
Deanna Misner
Kaori Fujimoto
Sara Önneby
Gina Rodgers
Els Brigé
Tiffany Davis
Petra Offrell
Amy Harle
Sherri Funk
Laurence Kovacic
Holly Humbert
Kari Sweeney
Tracee Provis
Jennie McGarvey
Carina A
Annelie Maddock
Marie-Ange Lefevre
Monique Liedtke
Shellye McDaniel
Karry C Weaver
Evelin Tee
Yuki Shimada
kimberly Moreno
Stephanie Lee
Megan Aaron
Nicole Nowosad
Soohui Lee
Kate Vickers
Guénolée Lathuilliere
Lisa Kisch
Ashley Harris
Allison Landy
Christin Grönnslett
Pamella Brown
Stephanie Washburn
Sarah Slade
Lilith Eeckles

Congrats ladies!! And dont forget to  introduce yourself thread in the DT call forum.

(for some reason I cant make wordlinks to the MB.. the addy is: http://myscrapbooknook.org



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