Holy Cow Batman!!

well I don´t have anything new to show you yet… I´m working on it I promise..

f.ex I´m going in to the movie buissness,,,, making a scrappy movie for a DT assignmnent… and I´m having so much fun!

that will go live around the 29th… will keep you updated..

Right now I´m trying to get myself in to the new routines of going back to work.. not quite there yet.. but Im so tired these days.. both at mornings and nights.. so I need to get used to get up early in the mornings…

Ive had computer crashes.. and now the new improved one is here… thanks to my supersweet husband.. I now own a “batmobile” well compared to my old “antique” laptop… my new computer is like a shiny turboboosted batmobile… My photoshop is installed and running again.. thanks to a sweet person at adobe helping me out when everything went wonky.. and there is so much fun to explore that I didnt know I had in my Creative suite box.. now Im like a kid in the candystore.. 🙂

well.. now Im off…

have promised my kids a night on the town… Our small town is celebrating 150yrs.. so we are going out checking out the festivities…



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