Let me tell you….

I have had a computer crash.. a total meltdown, my old and trusted friend the Laptop died on me this weekend…

luckily not that much work was lost, some photos and videos was lost, but the main work was rescued.. since I sort of had a feeling it was coming since it started acting wonky a couple of days before… so most of it got saved in to a usb memorycard..

I have a new laptop to work with,, its from work, so I dont have my photoshop to play with,,, but I have a computer.. thats the main thing, Im so happy…

well… I have a page I want to show you.. it isnt perfect, since I dont have the proper tools to edit with.. but atleast I have something to show you right 🙂

I promise I will make it up to you big time as soon as I have my own computer and photoshop running again… I PROMISE!!!

this page I did when Mahlin visited me.. and I tried to work a little like her…. hummm…. Im not as talented with messy stuff like she is… but I sure had loads of fun!



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