.:I have had a visitor…:.

Well the last days I have been quiet, that is bec I have had a visit from a dear and absolutely wonderful friend… Mahlin

We had so much fun, she brought her son, an adorable kid with lots of spunk!! 😆 We went to the beach, and had long talks about everything and nothing at all…

We also had some time to scrap, and boy I was fascinated by her skills, true talent… I got lots of inspiration and I will for shure try some more messy art in the future… it looks so much fun!!

and we where talking abut the skills you have to ave outside the scraptable to get those spots you want.. and we had a really good talk about that and we where probably around the same page there.. 🙂 we also talekd about the selfesteem part… Its hard to tell the industry that you are the best… atleast I have problems with that… it sounds in my ears as if Im a little bit too much… but I need to work on that I have promised Mahlin that 😉

well I actually made some LOs when she was here…. one is something I will keep unshown for a while… and the one Ican show is this one… made with inspriation by Mahlin  🙂

Ive used the My scrapbook Nook August kit, white acrylics and a few items from my stash.

The photo is taken by my dad.. and the woman in the pic is my mother 🙂



3 thoughts on “.:I have had a visitor…:.

  1. Fantastisk layout – åh vad jag önskar att jag varit med eller att jag åtminstone fått se er skapa tillsammans 🙂
    men nu är jag så klart nyfiken på den du inte kan visa …


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