Now the entire team is revealed…

The Epiphany Crafts team 2011 will look like this 🙂

Aly Dosdall
Carole Stirrat
Debby Lewis
Keri Babbitt
Mandy Koeppen
Rebecca Price
Rhonda Van Ginkel
Gina Lideros
CarrieAnne DeLoach
Laina Lamb
Nicole Martel
Connie Mercer
Emily Branch
Kim Burton Garner

International team:
Helena Johansson- Sweden
Irit Shalom- Israel
Hilde Janbroers- The Netherlands
Katarina Damm Blomberg- Finland

Fashion Accessory Team:
Robyn Schaub
Gini Williams Cagle
Meg Hare
Melony Bradley
Mieke Nagtegaal
Niki Meiners

Lots of familiar names.. Congrats to all talented ladies 🙂


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