Im scrapping… therefore I am

Have had a hard time finding inspiration for a while now, and it still is hard to just take the time and effort to start up a project, kiddos have been difficult, so the time have been used to pt out small emotional fires all around the house. But this morning the kids was a sleep for an extra hour, so I had some Me time, and It felt really good to be able to scrap all by myself, no helping hands, or furious tantrums…

so what happened… let me say.. I started small…

and when the card was done, I did a LOs…

and when I really had the flow going I did this one too…

really liked this one…  It was so much fun, and I didnt think about composisitions or colours or anything.. just smacked all the decos and things on to that kraft paper… and It turned out great….

Now Im off, making some pancakes for the kids, and after that its time to go to the waterpark, so that they can just let out all that energy that they have itching right now…



11 thoughts on “Im scrapping… therefore I am

  1. Va härligt när inspirationen byggs på så där! Måste hålla med att den nedersta är superläcker! Hoppas mojon stannar kvar ett tag!


  2. Ett ursött kort!!
    Och två jättefina layouter!!
    Massor av härliga detaljer att titta på! Man måste titta länge länge! För helt plötsligt hittar man nåt nytt!! 😀

    Hoppas allt är fint med dej gumman?!



  3. those are awesome!!! love the flower on the card and all the fun bits on your others are really cute. looks like mr. mojo has found his way back home 😉


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