I Made it, I am one of the new designers for My scrapbook Nook!
for 6 months I will play with all of their great kits… Im so happy!!

And let me say… with the march kit coming up Im really thrilled…Its going to be Crate Papers…. All the lovely gooorgeous Crate papers….
Thank you so much Leah for Picking me.. Its a real honour!! 

and the team in total:

Leah Killian-USA-DT Lead
Zarah Peterson-Sweden-DT Assistant
Stacey Michaud-USA
Katarina Damm-Blomberg-Sweden (well its almost right, since Im swedish nationality, but living in Finland on an Island that wants to be independent..  😉 )
Becky Williams-USA
Ingrid Danvers-the Netherlands
Hilde Aaslund-Norway
Carol Monson-USA
Tanya Tahir-Australia
Nadia Cannizzo- Australia
Danni Reid-USA
Jessy Christopher- Malaysia
Anna Sigridur Eyjolfsdottir -Iceland
Lady Grace Belarmino-Phillipines

Now For Our Amazingly Talented and Diverse Guest Designers:

Marie-Ange Lefevre (Marinette)- France
Ann Cicilie Flått-Denmark
Pamella Brown-USA
Carly Robertson-USA
Berdien Weideveld-the Netherlands
Tina McDonald-Canada
Keri Babbitt-USA
Jill Sarginson-Canada
Maria “Mija” Comstad-Sweden
Julianne McKenna-De Lumen -Australia
Lilith Eeckels-Belgium
Sarah Eclavea-USA

Congrats to all you talented Ladies 🙂



27 thoughts on “WOOOOOHOOOO!!

  1. Congrats Katarina, that is sooo exciting! I cannot wait to see more of your beautiful work and getting to know you better!!!


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