Talk about living a rollercoaster life…

It have been ups and downs these past couple of days… Up= Im on the spellbinder 1 round of finalists list, down, didnt make it to the last final… Now up again, Im on the My Scrapbook Nook DT finalists List… WhooooHaaaaa!! I love that board, been my second home sort of speaking since 2008 when I found that message board. Love all those fantastic ladies that hangs around, always cheering, always filled with energy and love… so Its an honour that have made the finalist list.

Now I hope I make it all the way this time…  Its the fourth time I have applied, but the second I made the finals.. so its a tough competition out there,,,



11 thoughts on “Talk about living a rollercoaster life…

  1. Katarina, I absolutely love, love, love your style. Good luck with the DT position at The Nook, and I am truly sorry you didn’t make it into the final round for Spellbinders – I honestly expected to see your name in the final list. Big hugs, Jules.


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