Today I share some more :)

Ive been productive these days and Ive scrapped a lot… and today I will show you one more page…

Its a page that perhaps not is the greatest when you look at design.. but its made under time pressure, keep that in mind…

But its the meaning of the page,,, the text is saying something like “Im the only one responsible for my own happiness” And its about how I set my goal, that I have worked hard and for a really long time to get to that place I am today. I have worked hard, cried a lot of tears of dissapointment, got my self together and set my focus straight again. I have not gotten any of my achievements on a golden plate, I have not had an easy life all the time, But I have gotten through the pain thinking it gives me strenght to reach my goals… and Im almost there now….


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2 thoughts on “Today I share some more :)

  1. oooo, spännande att höra när du nått ditt “slutgiltiga mål”. Man anar nåt mer här….


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